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Parents' Testimonials

My daughter Esha went to Mera Gurukul for 3 years. Esha liked it very much. Esha loved it so much that she was always looking forward to go back . When I would go to pick her up, she wouldn't come home. Sangeeta bhabi is very patient and calm with kids. Kids just love her. She connects the kids very well and understands their needs. Esha learned a lot from mera gurukul. Besides art, craft, abcs and numbers, Esha also learned the Shree Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra from Bhabhi at the age of 3. I don't think I could have taught her that. Esha still recites the mantra and this is a great gift from Sangeeta bhabi to Esha. The love and care Esha got from Sangeeta bhabi cannot be expressed. I feel like Sangeeta bhabi is just like a family to us.

-Varsha Agrawal

Mera Gurukul is a very for someone who would like their children be given utmost care and homely feeling away from home and parents. At Mera Gurukul kids get to mingle with other kids, learn through various fun activities in a safe environment. I have known Sangeetaji for a while and I can say that Mera Gurukul is not a day care but a Mother's care. I would recommend it for any parent who is looking for a safe and homely child care.

-Swarup Doshi

I have known Sangeeta Didi for nearly 10 years now and I have nothing but good things to say about this wonderful lady. I was on the lookout for a person who would take care of my then 15 month old child and very fortunately I was referred to her by a good friend. That first meeting was enough to convince me that our baby would be in good hands. Her calm face, sweet smile, and soft spoken nature won us over and my daughter took to her like duck to water

One of the things I appreciated most about Sangeeta Didi is the care she takes in preparing nutritious food for the children. My daughter learnt to love broccoli and other veggies because of the healthy food choices Didi gave the kids. She taught them rhymes, songs and prayers too and the kids were always in a happy mood. The pretty backyard with lots of flowers and butterflies added a nice touch to the whole atmosphere. Sometimes my daughter would want to stay a little longer too.

All in all, Sangeeta Didi's place is a home away from home and I am deeply grateful for the love and affection she showered on our daughter just as if she were her own.

- Deepa Arun

Amazing place for your kid of any age, from infant , toddler and then on. Sangeet Aunty is excellent with children, she is also a responsible babysitter who remains calm in a crisis situation.One of the aspects of her personality that I appreciated the most was her ability to always keep the children calm. Whether there was a strange noise outside the house or the kids just did not want to go to bed, she was always able to maintain order. I have had the highest confidence in her trustworthiness, judgement and maturity, and have always felt at ease leaving kids in her supervision. If you have the ever need her as your babysitter, I would recommend strongly that you do so.

-Vidhi Shah Doshi

Mera Gurukul of Plano, TX is the best place for toddlers and infants. I do not know how I would have continued working with my 10 months old first born after my mom, who took care of Mehr, left for India. We spent two desperate months trying to find out a good nurturing place for her to stay while I go to work. After grandma left, Mehr was in a very clingy phase with lot of separation anxiety.

We tried many places and were not happy with any. Until one day, I heard a sweet voice on the phone offering me help with Mehr. Something I felt just by talking to Sangeeta Singh, owner of Gurukul over the phone. I told my husband we must meet this person right now. I was very hopeful this place will work out. That evening, the moment we reached her home, Mehr got off the car, saw "Aunty Mamma"(that's what kids lovingly call her) and started walking towards her, forgetting mom and dad are there. That was the first time I saw Mehr walking away from me without even caring if I am there. What "Aunty Mamma" had was a big smile and open arms. I still wonder what Mehr saw that mesmerized her so much. There is something kids know. She did not look back at us and just kept following her Aunty Mamma around the house. We were so relieved.

Mehr started going to Gurukul starting from the next day. We never had to worry about her day-lodging, neither her food. Mehr loved food by Aunty Mamma, the best cook of the world. Mehr stayed with Gurukul for next 2 years before she was ready to go to Montessori. Gurukul was kind of far from our house, but the drive was so much worth it. The most challenging part of our life with Gurukul was to get Mehr home from Gurukul. It was an effort every day.

Apart from good care, good food and nurturing environment that Mehr received at Gurukul, she received good "sanskar" that will stay with her for lifetime. There was always a lot of focus on developing good habits, mannerisms, reading skills, arts, respect and gratitude along with loads and loads of fun. Towards the end of the day, kids would get an added shot of masti when AP Bhaiya would return from work and fill the home with energy. Kids loved playing with him. We never called Gurukul a daycare as it was more than a home for both our daughters and twelve years later, it still is.

We consider ourselves lucky to have found Gurukul. We are grateful for the way Mehr and Malika were brought up at Gurukul. Our second daughter also spent two precious toddler years at Gurukul and we realized Gurukul just keeps getting better and better with passing time. Thank you Mrs. Sangeeta Singh for creating this wonderful home for kids.

- Sonal Pauddar

I'm very pleased to say that my son has found the perfect day care. It has been 2 years he joined gurukul. Neither myself or little one has seen any difficulties. Sangeeta aunty who is in-charge of Gurukul has done amazing things growing these little angels. She has all those qualities that one mother would want making decision about sending her kids to day care.

Few experience that I like to share:

  • I can peacefully work without hesitation
  • Vyom gets all attention he needs as kid.
  • Learn how to respect, manners saying sorry, thank you, bless you etc. at early age.
  • Vyom has learned numbers 1-20, abc.., few songs, drawing, colours, can solve kids puzzles toys.  

Most importantly learning our culture. He is learning all important things and it's not possible without Sangeeta Aunty's dedication, hard work, loving natura, attention to all kids and many more. I really had bad experience with Montessori day care, Vyom was running fever and no one paid attention to him throughout the day. I had to run to the hospital since he had 104 temperature. But here at Mera Gurukul, if Vyom sneezes or coughs more than usual, Sangeeta aunty makes herbal water with ginger, mint, lemon etc. and on top of that she lets me know when I pick him up. It's great to know when kids are about to get sick before it's too late.

At Gurukul my son has learnt how to respect, follow instructions, numbers, letters, colours, songs, painting, recognizing things. I can't thank enough for what she has done to grow my little kiddo, I don't think as mom I could have done this much for Vyom. Thanks to Gurukul for spreading love and liking after these kids

-Krishna Patadia

I would like to take an opportunity to thank you for taking a great care of my son Aarav. He used to enjoy and have fun every single day with you. It is you because of whom Aarav started eating all healthy food, learnt many religious mantras and got well disciplined. We trust you completely and you are like our family member.

-Payal Rawal

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